FIVES Project: Conditions of Use

If you download or otherwise obtain any of the FIVES Project data sets, or obtain modified versions of these data sets, you agree to abide by the conditions of use set forth here. You also agree to abide by any additional conditions of use specified by individual data set authors in the documentation accompanying each FIVES data set.

The organizers of the FIVES Project, Constance Helfat and Steven Klepper, are not responsible for the content of any of the FIVES Project data sets. The FIVES Project organizers and the FIVES Project data set authors make no representations or warranties of any kind concerning any of the FIVES Project data, including with regard to the absence or presence of errors.

All FIVES Project data sets are protected by copyright. The copyright holders for each data set are indicated on the first page of the documentation for each data set. Permission is granted to reproduce FIVES Project data for non-profit educational and research use only. Requests to reproduce FIVES Project data for other uses should be addressed to: Professor Constance Helfat, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Hanover, NH 03755,

In any written and published work, users of these data should cite the documentation for the original FIVES data set, one of the dataset author’s original articles, and the FIVES Project: Data Overview (Helfat,CE & Klepper,S 2007, ).

You may create a new data set by modifying a FIVES Project data set, including but not limited to adding or removing data or merging data from different FIVES Project data sets. If you utilize any FIVES Project data to create new data sets, within six years from the date that you obtain the FIVES Project data, you must provide the FIVES Project with a copy of your modified data set by contacting: Constance Helfat,

Any written documents or statistical estimates that use FIVES Project data, including but not limited to working papers and publications, must be reported to: Constance Helfat,